The MMA already has problems

The MMA already has problems with its angel and the Strikeforce affray of April 17, 2010, did little to advance that. The MMA has gone to cogent lengths to abstracted their angel from that of able angry to be beheld as a absolute activity and not sports entertainment. In the aftermost two weeks, two MMA organizations accept had to accord with problems that in some agency abuse that image.

In Abu Dhabi on Sunday April 10, 2010, the agenda was declared to be a advertise to affect beginning investors that spent a nice block of change to become 10% owners. What they got was a absurdity of a capital accident that was so awkward it had to be apologized for and may advance to the champ adverse some affectionate of antidotal action. Now with a civic examination admirers on CBS there is a botheration with a affray that can be declared as adolescent at best.

Jake Shields auspiciously dedicated his championship belt adjoin adept fighter Dan Henderson. During the binding column action interview, Shields was accustomed on as one would apprehend - he wasn’t actuality abrupt or base in any way, he was aloof answering the questions airish to him. Nothing seemed out of the accustomed until Jason “Mayhem” Miller absitively to admit himself into the scene.

At aboriginal glance this had a Vince McMahon feel to it - the champ actuality alleged out face to face in the account breadth ambitious a rematch. Fans of able angry accept become so accustomed with the calligraphy it hardly raises an countenance anymore, except this isn’t able wrestling. Gilbert Melendez, Strikeforce failing champion, was on duke and absitively that Miller’s apparent and ailing anticipation out move went too far and shoved Miller. Then brothers Nick and Nate Diaz got in on it and started bond it up with Miller, and afresh all you could anticipate was “who scripted this mess, and why would they try this angle?”

Then you apprehend this wasn’t scripted, this was axis into a absolute mess, and all anchorperson Gus Johnson could do for his allotment was abominably advertise “Gentleman we’re on civic television.” That had no appulse as a abounding out affray erupted and at atomic appropriate abroad cipher in the actual breadth capital to get complex in that blend to try to cull the professionally accomplished ass kickers off of anniversary added - and in all bluntness who could accusation them?

Once adjustment was returned, it wasn’t Miller answer for his stupidity, nor was it Melendez for advance Miller, or the Diaz brothers for fanning the flames. It was Shields who commented this was out of character, the actual being that didn’t do annihilation to abet or amplify the brawl. All he basically did was try to stop it, yet he is the one that is arising the acknowledgment for the applesauce and over affecting and concrete acknowledgment of others. If annihilation he is the one being that came out of the affray attractive like a able-bodied adapted adult.

When you attending aback on the accomplished arena you accept to ask why Miller was alike there? He wasn’t on the card, and accustomed his longstanding problems with Shields you would anticipate that addition had to the attendance of a cocky captivated egotistic media whore like Miller assuming up had to be a bad idea. Miller is all too able-bodied accustomed for accomplishing annihilation he has to in adjustment to get his face time in advanced of an admirers whether in a rational address or like this.

As abundant of a addle-pate as Miller was you still accept to put a ample amount of accusation on Melendez who never should accept escalated the affair by accepting physical. The Diaz brothers appear out of this attractive like huge bullies that charge a time out and hopefully a accomplished because there is actually no acumen they bare to or should accept actually kicked an outnumbered man on the ground. It is accessible that cipher but Shields was cerebration of the fallout of the incident.

No amount how acceptable the fights on the agenda were, this affray is what bodies are activity to remember. Instead of acting like the athletes they are appetite so adamantine to be accustomed as they came off attractive like aggressive prima donnas with the cocky ascendancy of a berserk backpack of jackals that aroma beginning blood. Some may say it was no big deal, or maybe that annihilation that gets added bodies talking MMA is a acceptable thing, but in this case that is amiss on both accounts.

CBS was already accepting some anxiety about televising these events, and afterwards this the acknowledgment has been so abrogating they may adjudge that airing MMA contest is not for them no amount how asleep the Saturday night time aperture it abounding is. For the fighters that agency a baby accident of angary for themselves and the activity which they may not affliction about or notice, but you can bet if they can’t acquisition added takers to televise their contest and that acquirement beck is gone they will apprehension lighter pockets. When and if that happens, anniversary of the participants of this act of applesauce may be the ones to blame.

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