17 Things to remember

17 Things to remember
1. If there is a problem with you, it should not be avoided (confused) or blurred, but MUST FEELED in a calm and relaxed (thought out way out) and a definite finish / no way out.

2. Facing all things, should not think negatively, such as: "I certainly can not", "I can not", and so on. But always think positively, such as: "I must be able, I must find a way out" and so on.

3. Have fun and it all depends on your mind only !! (The mind is the pioneer). So keep our minds well - yes. And do not think the bad / negative. Always think positive (good) positive thingking.

4. All All difficulties or troubles will be over. And for whatever the problem will be completed also with the passage of time. As the saying goes: THERE IS NO PARTIES WHICH DO NOT END.

5. Successful people 85% will be determined from attitudes or behavior, 15% newly determined skills. So our attitude in life is very important.

6. Everything changes (anicca). We do not have to struggle. For example: now it's hard and then surely turns to be happy. Now there are people who do not like us, someday it will be good to us too.

7. The law of karma, means to do good will get good results and vice versa also, like planting rice, surely harvest rice ya. Remember!! Try every time always we do (planting) goodness to get the result (harvest) goodness. Do not commit a crime. And do not expect to get a reply from our good deeds !!!

8. Health is the most number one (valuable). So Take care of our health with exercise, adequate rest and do not eat carelessly yes.

9. Life is full of problems or problems or suffering. So we already know NOT MAY BE ALWAYS CURRENT AND QUIET. Prepare mentally, courageously, patiently and energy to deal with all problems. That is the reality of life that we must face and all every human being.

10. The future of a person depends heavily on the attitude and books the book reads. So reading is very important and determining one's future.

11. Do not talk about the badness of others in front of others, because we will be judged ugly
By the listener.

12. Intercourse is very important and is one of the keys to success. May get along with bad guys and good as long as we HAVE TO KNOW AND DO NOT BE INFLUENCE ENVIRONMENT. Better yet if we can lead the evil into the right path.

13. Parent struggle, can not be paid with anything. as well as
The struggles of the people who have helped us.

14. Every human must have advantages and disadvantages. So do not be inferior with our shortcomings. And do not envy the advantages of people. REGARDS WARNING WHAT IS !!! \

15. NEVER PLEASE (SPEND) the little things that are not useful
With anyone.

16. The key to success in this life, we are always excited, tried, disciplined, patient, hard working, diligent praying / praying, doing a lot of good and not blh despair.

17. Do not Judge a Person from a Treasure (wealth) or appearance or condition
physical. Everyone is SAME !!!

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